Burj Ferrero – Unwrapping success with iboothme.

ferrero rocher photo boothFerrero Rocher’s very first event in the UAE had to be a big one, and we had the pleasure making it even sweeter! This event of 10 days was organized to promote Ferrero Rocher chocolates at The Dubai Mall during the month of December 2012, and attracted thousands of people with a grandiose 12-meter tall replica of the Burj Khalifa – made entirely of Ferrero Rocher chocolate models!

And to top it all off, our team was invited to create a unique photo booth to take the event even further. Our solution? A chic retro booth! While Burj Ferrero attracted people from around the mall, it was our retro booth that had them queuing up for fun pictures and the chance to win a 20 carat gold Ferrero Rocher!

iboothme facilitated the entire completion by inviting shoppers to snap their pictures on a royal golden chair, then fill out their information at our retro booth and guess how many chocolate models were used to construct the Burj Ferrero via our built-in app. Pictures were emailed to consumers’ instantly, along with a leaflet with more information about the brand and event. The winning number? 3,565 Ferrero Rocher chocolate models.

In just 10 days, our retro booth snapped over 3,000 pictures, with 1,000 of them being shared instantly on Facebook, and 500 shared via Twitter. iboothme also helped kick start Ferrero Rocher Middle East’s new Facebook page, bringing in over 6,000 likes in just over a week – and some sweet results.

All-in-all, we created a unique photo booth experience complete with specially tailored software to meet the needs of Ferrero Rocher’s event – all while gathering valuable data and boosting brand buzz on multiple social media platforms.

And the most amazing thing of all – the amount of Ferrero Rocher chocolates we had left over to eat :)