Can you mix marketing and love?

Can a simple marketing tool capture prospects’ hearts and turn them into regular clients? Usual marketing methods that speak to the masses and simply talk about the perks of products are becoming redundant. And, as we progress, people are looking to know more about the brands they choose – things are getting personal. One of the best platforms to invite consumers to get to know your brand better is social media, and iboothme’s products help bring them to you in an organic way.

So, Unilever and Signal opted for this strategy to promote their toothpaste to workers in the UAE.

The UAE has been spending billions of dollars on infrastructure. The northern emirates are rapidly following suit, providing major incentives for developers of residential and commercial property, and workers coming from South Asia are the ones who built these entire infrastructures far away from their beloved families back home.

Unilever with Signal and in cooperation with iboothme photo booth wanted to offer them a gift. A simple but fantastic idea. The workers snap their pictures, print them and send them free of charge to their families aboard. A simple gesture that helps build brand love. The iboothme photo booth and Unilever travelled around 10 camps in Dubai to provide smiles to the workers and smiles to their families. Iboothme’s photo booth was installed in major camps around Dubai, and branded with Signal’s key visual to maximize marketing visibility during this operation. Guests lined up near the photo booth powered by an LED light (due to the low light in the camps) and took their photos themselves. To facilitate this operation the software was translated to Urdu – the most widely spoken language amongst workers in the UAE. The guests printed their pictures branded with Signal’s logo and wrote their messages and home country addresses behind, before posting them in the mailbox available near the booth.

We always advise our clients to use unique and customised marketing solutions like these as oppose to generic campaigns for the masses – creating a truly memorable brand experience and staying within an effective budget. The best marketing is when you enter the hearts of your prospects. During this marketing activation we snapped around 2,000 pictures branded with Signal’s logo.

We at Studio 94 and iboothme are always here to help propose and support unique marketing ideas for clients looking to make a long-lasting impression. The iboothme photo booth is a very flexible software that can easily be adjusted for individual marketing campaigns.

Here’s a snippet from the Signal event at labour camps in the UAE: