Facebook Timeline Video Booth

The sharing of videos is becoming increasingly popular on social media channels. With applications like Vine and the addition of videos on Instagram, Facebook too is joining the video voyage – and we’ve got the perfect booth to help your brand get in on the lights, camera, action!

The Facebook Timeline Video Booth invites consumers to record their very own video and post it directly on their Facebook timeline, all in the matter of seconds! What’s more, this special video booth comes with a range of features perfect for any brand looking to boost their visibility all over Facebook:

+ Video Branding ensures that your brand is visible throughout the video clip with any design you like!
+ Easy Interface provides users with simple steps and a convenient video timer for a smooth experience.
+ Facebook Direct means videos are shared instantly on the user’s timeline, in just a few seconds after sign-in.
+ Social Brand Booster means that instead of confining content to your brand page, videos will now be spread across Facebook via users’ timelines!

See it to believe it: