Flying Aces Activation at Ferrari World

The brief:
Ferrari World is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UAE and the Flying Aces ride is something people of all ages can enjoy. Our brief was to engage Flying Aces’ visitors and collect their valuable data, with a clear target of 9,000 tourist profiles over an activation period of 21 days. We also had to make sure that we targeted people between the ages of 20–30yrs.

As tourists cherish the experiences enjoyed during their holidays, we decided to simply give them a snapshot of their moment on the Flying Aces ride, that would be shared online. This created a win-win scenario for the visitors and our client:

– Visitors received a nice keepsake branded with Flying Aces & Ferrari World
– Images were hosted on a microsite – giving the brand a platform to communicate with the audience further
– Consumer profiles were collected in exchange for pictures
– Our facial recognition tool helped segregate our target of people between 20 –30yrs
– Pictures were also shared on the brand’s Facebook page to help drive traffic


How it worked:
People simply posed for their picture as they enjoyed the Flying Aces ride and then entered their information in order to receive the image via email. The personalised email then linked to a microsite that hosted the image along with key messaging and content from the brand. The microsite is a one-on-one platform where the brand can communicate with consumers directly without any distractions. In addition, images were also instantly uploaded to the brand’s Facebook page to drive traffic ­– with every step of the consumer journey being tracked as it happened by the client via our live analytical tool.

We managed to surpass our target with a final number of 9,209 photos, and therefore profiles, collected! What’s even better, an amazing number of 12,095 people visited the branded microsite where their image was hosted along with key messaging and content.

And as always, our client was able to keep track of every result via our live analytical tool.

live tracking tool