goboothme green screen at the Masafi Marathon


You’ve probably heard about the goboothme before. It’s our very own version of a portable photo booth that helps take the iboothme experience to wherever your customer might be, extending the area of your kiosk or stand to the entire event!

But recently, we took things even further. We combined green screen technology with the goboothme, giving our clients a truly unique solution for their events.

 See how it works:

In action at the Masafi Marathon
Masafi recently used the goboothme green screen at an event to create a unique experience built around their product. Taking purity and refreshment to a whole new level, we actually placed prospects inside the Masafi bottle with the help of our green screen technology.


See for yourself:


People loved the booth! During the marathon, we managed to capture 348 pictures with 128 shares on Facebook, 45 tweets, 17 shares on Google+ and 8 shares on Pinterest. We also collected 432 emails to help future marketing efforts for Masafi.


So, why choose goboothme green screen for your next event?
– It helps you cover the entire event instead of being confined to one stand.
– You can incorporate your brand or product in a unique way.
– Customers will be more engaged thanks to the green screen.
– As always, your branded pictures will be shared on multiple social channels.