goboothme motion photo booth | The gift of .gifs

After creating the innovative mobile photo booth, goboothme, we decided it was time to take things even further! Our developers are always tinkering away, working on new and exciting solutions, and this time, we managed to create an even better version of our favourite goboothme: the goboothme motion booth!

Imagine snapping your picture around any event – now 7 times!
The goboothme motion photo booth captures 7 images to create a unique gif file that can be shared instantly on social media channels!

As always, you can also choose a frame to print and take home.

What’s in it for you:
– Capture your audience’s attention with a unique experience.
– Feature branding throughout the .gif file.
– Go to your audience, no matter where they are at the event.
– Bring them back to your stand to choose their picture and print using our wireless printer.

Check it out: