How iboothme can increase Facebook likes

As a brand we all know the importance of likes on our Facebook Fan page. To some marketers, it’s so important that they resort to buying fake ‘likes’. But what percentage of these fans who like your page are actually there because they want to be? I’m sure you’ve seen many brand Facebook pages with millions of likes but barely any activity on the page. And nowadays, even fans know the difference between brands with fake likes, and authentic ones.

Recently, the clothing brand Jennyfer reached out to iboothme to help them!

The Jennyfer clothing store in Mall Of The Emirates Dubai wanted to increase their Facebook Fan Page likes and used the services of iboothme photo booth to do so. We offered them our basic software to get started.

See how iboothme’s basic software works:

Once the guests snapped their pictures, they were instantly uploaded to Jennyfer’s Facebook Fan Page. We were active for 3 hours, snapping around 125 pictures. Now let’s see the impact of iboothme’s photo booth on Jennyfer’s Facebook Fan Page…

Increase of Jennyfer likes and visibility:You can notice that Jennyfer went from less than 20 likes per day to 114 likes the day of the event! We’re talking about a 570% increase in real likes!

So what about the post reach?

We reached 4,302 users during the event, while the day before the event was only 1,346 – that’s a 320% increase.

Unique software during your events.
Your Marketing events are important to us, that’s why each of our software designs is different from the other. We listen to your marketing needs; we listen to you and we create the software as per your goals. Since 2011, we’ve managed numerous photo and video booth activations, each with their very own unique solutions.

We’d be glad to assist you and help your brand get social (with many likes, of course).