HSBC #NoBetterTimeThanNow | Customised Booth

We’re always exploring new ways to maximise our iboothme photo booths to give our clients the best results possible, and this time, we had the great opportunity of doing so for HSBC.

As part of their #NoBetterTimeThanNow campaign, we customised our photo booths to collect segmented data about people’s new year’s resolutions that tied in directly with HSBC’s products. Finding out about their goals was a great way to understand their needs and how HSBC’s services were relevant to them. And at the end of it all, of course, users received their very own customised picture, truly unique to them and their goals.

How we did it:
– Users simply select four goals from a list of resolutions for 2015.
– They then select their image template that will also feature the selected goals.
– Check a few queries related to HSBC’s products.
– Enter their info to receive and print their unique image!

The results:
We managed to collect over 4,000 unique consumer profiles comprising segmented data based on HSBC’s tailor-made questions and interface. What’s more, HSBC’s social presence was also boosted, with many pictures being shared on social media platforms.

Check out the video: