iboothme in slow-mo!

Today we’re very excited to introduce the first INSTANT HD video booth, of course, with a slow motion option!

Yes, the technology already exists. But usually requires time from the moment you record your video to the time the editor goes back and emails it to you or passes it along on a USB stick. Boring! This process lacks any excitement or the ability to control what your video looks like – a big NO NO for guests at an event.

Well, here’s how the iboothme solution works:

Your guests can:
– Choose their digital backgrounds
– Select the music of their choice
– See themselves live creating excitement around the booth
– Receive their HD video on the spot
– Share it on different social media platforms

You can:
– Fully customise the software
– Add your logo or a short video playing before or after the slow motion video
– Collect any kind of data for future marketing efforts
– Let your guests spread your brand on social media

See for yourself:

Even Philip Morris trusted us for their 21 days events for this year’s World Cup, now let’s bring your next marketing event to life!