iboothme Live Streaming

If there’s one thing technology has made possible for us today, it’s the power to be present in many different places at the same time. And now, iboothme can do the same for your brand. From France or UK, to UAE or Lebanon, no matter where your event is, using iboothme, we provide live streaming services that will take your brand wherever you want it to be.

How does live streaming help your marketing efforts?

1- It maximises brand visibility with the opportunity to stream live data to any kind of screen, in any size, and in any location – all with customised music and special effects to suit your brand personality.

2- It creates buzz by allowing your prospects to interact with your brand, snap and stream their photos themselves and share their pictures with your brand around the world!

Check out the video demonstration: 

iboothme live streaming brings a new dimension for your venues and marketing campaigns. And when it comes to Studio 94, you can trust we’re always working hard to create new marketing tools that help your marketing efforts.