Increasing Data collection

Your success is ours, which is why our R&D department is constantly thinking about how we can better support your marketing efforts. We’re trying to help you collect accurate and segmented databases, spread your name on social media platforms and entertain your guests. It’s our mission to help you succeed during your marketing campaign.

Over the past two years, we’ve expanded our business in France, UK, Lebanon, Qatar and of course, the UAE! We can support your marketing efforts anywhere in the world, and are powered by 20 iboothme stations around the globe.

iboothme photo booth is your perfect tool during marketing campaigns, and is here to help you collect any type of data you need, all while allowing your guests to spread your name on social media platforms. And to push data collection during your events even further, we created the first portable photo booth!

We participated in the Al Ain Air Show with iboothme and goboothme. iboothme was placed near a stand to invite guests to snap their pictures and goboothme was going all around the show to snap pictures and send them instantly. Goboothme provided the wow effect! Can you believe that people were actually the ones running behind us to get their pictures taken and share their details in exchange?

In just two days of the event:

  • goboothme snapped : 405 pictures with 50 shares on Facebook + 22 on Twitter
  • iboothme snapped : 466 pictures with 55 shares on Facebook + 18 on Twitter

So all-in-all, two days and two great products from Studio 94 managed to capture a total of:
871 pictures, 105 shares on Facebook, and 40 on Twitter!

The goboothme in action.
Data collection on the go!

Collect data anywhere.
Goboothme is a complementary product to iboothme with all the same features, along with the power of mobility! We’d be happy to be of service at your next marketing campaign.