Increasing footfall – Kenzo event

Anyone who has ever had the task of launching a new product is familiar with the drill. Find a great concept, contact the right people, alert the media and create some buzz. It’s important to make sure customers come to your store for the new product, but also keep coming back after.

So, how did iboothme help Kenzo customers return to their store after the event?
1- Prospects took pictures with the iboothme photo booth
2- To receive their pictures, they entered their email, name & phone number (Database to be used for Kenzo’s future marketing efforts)
3- On the spot, they received their pictures with a special and unique code

So what’s so special about this code?
Following the event, for 10 consecutive days, prospects were invited to come back to the shop and enter their codes in our software to see if they were the lucky winners of a Kenzo bag. You can imagine how surprised and happy customers were when they saw their professional pictures received on the spot along with a ticket number allowing them to win with their favourite brand!

Check out to video to see how it worked:


iboothme provided 120 codes during the event, out of which 74 prospects returned to the store to check if they had won. At iboothme, we can help you create any kind of solution you are looking for your events!