Increasing share-ability

iboothme photo booths already allow your guests to snap their pictures, receive it and share it on different social media platforms on the spot. We have a good rate of sharing but we wanted to push your prospects to share their pictures even more, and that’s why we created the iboothme HD Gallery. The iboothme HD Gallery is engineered to boost the rates of photo sharing after your event.

How does the HD gallery work?
During your event, guests will snap their pictures with the iboothme photo booth and will receive two emails:

  1. The first email will contain the branded photo to share on the spot.
  2. Then a second email will be sent with a dedicated password to access the HD Gallery.

Don’t get me wrong, the first picture will be high quality, but the second picture will have higher resolution and will feature less branding, creating a higher chance of sharing.

See how it works:

Advantages of the iboothme HD platform:

– Guests will access your platform customized with brand colours
– You can place advertising to redirect them to your website or a special offer
– They will be invited to like your Facebook Fan Page
– They’ll find their HD pictures branded with your logo to share on social media channels
– You can create a Facebook competition based on the most liked or shared pictures
– The platform is mobile friendly

With the iboothme HD platform your guests will have a reason to interact with your brand even after the event is over and therefore spread your name on different social media platforms. After your campaign, you’ll receive a full analytic report, with your database ready to use for your marketing efforts.

It’s a powerful tool that will help your brand create more buzz. And the best thing about it? Your prospects will do the work for you!

We at Studio 94 are specialized in the development of marketing photo booths and video booths and are committed to creating any kind of tools to help your brand and increase visibility online and on social media.