Instagram Video Booth

Social media habits are changing fast which is why you need to keep up!

We here at Studio 94 we’re working hard to develop new tools in house to help you increase brand visibility and collect data for future marketing efforts.

Getting the option to share videos or images on Facebook and Twitter is nice but overused by brands during events. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook and Twitter are working fine for brand visibility, and users love sharing their pictures and videos on these platforms, but they also need something unique and new. I’m sure you’ve noticed that more and more people are using Instagram to share photos, and recently videos!

So we decided to develop the very first video booth for Instagram!

How it works:

1 – Your guests will record an HD video with iboothme.
2 – Using our touch screen, they’ll select their mobile phone device.
3 – In less than 5 mins, they’ll receive their branded video ready to be uploaded on Instagram!

Competition for Level Shoe District using our Insta-booth.


Increase your brand visibility on Instagram. Videos will be branded by your name and uploaded to the platform on the spot! You can create competitons on Instagram asking people to like their videos or photos to win – dramatically increasing your visibility on the ever-growing Instagram!

Contest entry for Level Shoe District using our Insta-booth.

Socially connected
iboothme can be connected to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ giving you the freedom to follow the habits and changes of consumers!