We’re excited to bring you yet another visual marketing innovation for 2016! Meet Holoboothme – the first hologram video booth. With Holoboothme, you’ll be able to engage consumers and give your brand that WOW effect to cut through the same old activations. All our products are designed to be a natural extension of your brand, which is why Holoboothme is fully customizable to fit your brand through every step of the consumer journey!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Consumers will step up to the fully-branded Holoboothme booth.
Step 2: They’ll capture a short video of themselves & enter their details to receive the clip instantly.
Step 3: We’ll give them a branded prism to keep, that they can use to view the hologram on their mobile device!

Bonus: We can even add your logo or a short branded video clip to the beginning or end of the consumer’s personal video!

See it to believe it: