Social Media Wall | Twitter + Instagram

If there’s one thing you need to know about us, it’s that we’re constantly trying our best to create new and exciting solutions that both, brands and consumers, can enjoy.

Which is what brought us to our Social Media Wall! We asked ourselves: What could be better than a free photo print to keep for yourself?

The Answer:
A photo that everyone at the event can see AND gets your brand trending at the same time!

The Social Media Wall aggregates pictures that have been shared on social channels like Instagram and Twitter, and displays them on one large screen at the event. And the best part is, it has a host of features and options to help any brand boost their social media presence:
+ Brand Hashtag Booster means that you can link the wall to any brand hashtag, resulting in lots of posts and social traction on Twitter and Instagram!
+ Pre-selection Tool gives you the power to control which images get posted.
+ Screen Customisation means that the application can run on any screen size you like!
+ Social Speed ensures images are posted to the wall just 3 seconds after pre-selection.
+ Highlight Reel makes sure there’s never a dull moment on the wall, by highlighting various pictures whenever the application is inactive.


See for yourself: