Track your live events online!

Follow all your events live online with iboothme and track the performance of your team!

How complicated is for you to manage an event and be sure that your promoters are motivated while you’re unable to stay on site all day long? How hard is for you to manage two, three or four events and be sure that your marketing message is delivered to your prospects properly? Now, how much harder would it be to manage five events worldwide?

Well, with the help of iboothme, you can now manage a host of events right from your office, and even track the performance of your team and promoters!

How it works: We’ll provide you with access to your very own dedicated portal (also accessible via iPhone or Android phones) where you can track the data collected by your team, how many of your guests posted your message on Facebook or Twitter and all the data that you decided to collect for your events –by the second! With iboothme photo booth, you can track all your events in multiple locations, giving you real power to supervise your promoters and team while you’re away.

See for yourself. Here’s a screen shot of one of our previous photo booth tracking portals for our Ferrero Rocher client.

iboothme photo booth and video booth is our in house powerful software we are able to create any type of scenario for your events as the only limit will be your imagination. iboothme photo booth software is user friendly specially designed to collect any type of data that you wish to collect.

Seat, relax, deliver your marketing message and manage all your events with iboothme photo booth and video booth portal!