Tulip Photo Booth for Marc by Marc Jacobs

“ The long lasting impact of a marketing event on the subconscious mind of a consumer is what leads him to deviate from, or come closer to a brand.”

Understanding this venturesome concept very rightly was the marketing team of Marc by Marc Jacobs (MBMJ), who ensured that the launch to their fall collection was an unforgettable experience for all their respected guests. The colourful yet classy event named MBMJ’s Tulip Festival, held at The Abu Dhabi mall last week was the talk of the town for fashion bloggers and trend setters! The sleek use of the Tulip flower known for its perfect trio of bold colors, beauty, and delicateness was the theme of this fall-owery fest! It wouldn’t be a normative statement if we said that MBMJ’s fall collection was a true reflection of their creativity and innovation in this exponentially blooming world of fashion.

The Tulip Photo Booth created by iboothme.

Marketing intellects will undoubtedly agree to this statement that marketing is the sturdiest pillar to an organisation’s vitality. Being able to market rightly, and to the right audience is the key to success in every minor and major organisation. Per contra, how would an organisation be certain that their message is being marketed to their target audience? Or on the other hand, how will they be ensured of the success of their marketing campaign? CRM and social media are the answers to these simple yet intriguing questions. And linking those two are us! Here at Studio 94, we introduce you to our multi functional and entirely customizable product: iboothme the photo booth that will give you all the information you require regarding the preferences, demographics, age, and other such data about your current and prospect customers – definitely not a boring, traditional survey.

Your customers will be ready to wait in line to provide this information to you! Be it videos, motion pictures, green screened images, or just normal pictures with editing filters, we have it all for you.

Now here’s a marketing solution that will have customers smiling!