Your Ultimate Social Marketing Tool

At Studio94, we’re always trying to answer the question: “what next?”.
Yes, photo booths help engage people with your brand in a fun way.
But what happens after the event? And how can you extend your marketing communication in a visible and relevant way?

We’re excited to share that we’ve created an immersive platform that will help take your communication beyond a simple photo or video booth at an event.

Now, instead of simply receiving their picture in an email, customers will be directed to a platform that features their picture along with multiple social share buttons, a download button, but most importantly, your brand messaging!

Their content will be surrounded by your marketing message! Just like the example here:
iboothme platform_1

What makes this awesome:
High Visibility You now have the space to feature targeted messaging on the screen that your customer is engaging with.
Live Links Each banner space can be linked to your online destination of choice (website, videos, etc)
• Social Share Convenient buttons allow customers to instantly share their branded picture.
E-mail Feature Customers can also e-mail the picture to multiple addresses directly from the platform.
Easy Download The download button allows customers to save their picture with a click.

See how it works:

We hope you’re excited to use this effective tool for your next collaboration with us! Feel free to get in touch for more details.