The Social Media Wall aggregates pictures that have been shared on social channels like Instagram and Twitter, and displays them on one large screen at the event. For example, if your hashtag is #brandlove, any images shared using this hashtag will automatically be gathered and displayed on the wall.

Take a selfie using any device

Use the brand hashtag to tag it and share

See it live on the Social Media Wall!

What’s in it for you?

Boost your social media presence

The Social Media Wall allows you link it to any brand hashtag you like. This results in significant social traction every time a guest posts an image using your hashtag, just to see it appear on the wall. Compatible with both Twitter and Instagram, your brand will be trending in no time.


Stay in control with the pre-selection tool

As a brand, it is important to protect your image in any given scenario. That’s why our Social Media Wall gives you the power to control which images get posted. You can use the tool to accept pictures you like, or reject pictures you feel are inappropriate for your brand image.


Customized settings to suit your every need

The Social Media Wall can be displayed on screens of any size you like – it’s completely customizable. So whether you’re having a small event or a grand one, we can accommodate your needs in an impactful and visually engaging way.


Social by the second

We understand that social media is all about life on the go, and therefore, we too keep up with the speed of life. That’s why it only takes 3 seconds for an image to be streamed onto the Social Media Wall, from the time of pre-selection.


You’ll never have a dull moment

Even if the Social Media Wall is ever inactive, an animation highlighting pictures from the wall will automatically start to play – catching consumers’ eyes from around the venue.


Be the talk of the event

People love sharing pictures on their social media accounts, but they find it even more interesting to see them displayed live on a giant screen amidst hundreds of people. That’s why the Social Media Wall is able to provide your brand with significant consumer engagement and positive social interactions.


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