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5 reasons our custom Augmented Reality is out of this world.

It is crucial to connect and engage with your consumers on a whole new level. Technology is impacting our lives in every way. And the future of marketing depends on the growing role of Augmented Reality. After all, creative AR has the power to enhance brand recall and customer-engagement. Especially, if executed to perfection. At Studio 94, our immersive branding experiences and AR is second to none.

Here’s why our Augmented Reality makes your brand stand out.


We don’t just develop software. First, we listen to the needs of your client. More importantly, we make sure your AR solutions can give you the following advantages.


  1. Fluidity: You wouldn’t wear the clothes that don’t fit you well or prevent you from moving freely. In many ways, we create Augmented Reality to work exactly like that. Our superior body tracking software promises you fluid movements. In fact, it’s the closest to the reality you can ever get.
  2. Adaptability: Space can often be an important factor in brand activations and events. While some ideas need small spaces, others require extra large scale to be executed. On a positive note, at Studio 94 we are always ready to adapt to any space, situation, time or size.
  3. Integrating Possibility: It is important to realize that Augmented Reality is pointless if it doesn’t deliver your marketing message. Whether it’s a game or a story, our AR is tailored to integrate into your campaign easily.
  4. Interactivity: When it comes to branding experiences, superior consumer-engagement is a no-brainer. The more your customers interact with your brand the higher your chances of meeting your marketing goals.
  5.  Data Collectivity: At Studio 94, we are obsessed with data collection and analysis. After all, every brand experience should serve as a powerful base for future marketing ideas.


Want to make your customer an astronaut travelling in space? Or do you want your customers experience a life of luxury? No matter what the idea, at Studio, 94 our team can make it all happen.

See the demo of how our custom-crafted AR technology can play a unique, engaging role in your marketing event. View the video by clicking here.

Want to create custom-crafted, immersive Augmented Reality solutions to drive your bespoke digital marketing strategies? Talk to us.