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Find out how Studio 94 made data collection fast, entertaining and easy for Dyson.
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Top tips for making data collection easy and fun.

Data collection is important for any good digital marketing event. But it has also earned a dubious reputation for being boring and over-complicated. However, at the think-labs of Studio 94, the rules of data collection and analysis are now being re-written and how. In fact, we revolutionized the entire data collection process for Dyson – one of the leading names in household appliances.

Make your data collection methods entertaining. Follow these powerful techniques we used for Dyson:


Blow away the boredom.

Dyson wanted to collect a database of users during an event. It also wanted to promote its products. But let’s face it. Filling forms is boring, time-consuming and slow. In fact, it’s also inefficient. It was time to change the trend. And reset the bar.

Make your data collection method unique. Always.

At Studio 94, we believe data collection should be paperless, quick, entertaining and easy. In fact, creativity has always is our priority. Not surprisingly, we set out to create an idea that would keep users entertained while collecting data.

We developed an addictive game inspired by the legendary Connect Four game. The black dots represented dust and the white dots were Dyson. To win the game, users simply had to beat the dust. Once the game was over, they had to enter their details for a little reward sent directly to their inbox: Instant discount coupons.

Keep your eye on the results.

Thanks to Live Analytics and real-time data by Studio 94, Dyson could measure ROI as well as the impact of the event as it happened. Which means, we could also make changes on the go. Over 300 data samples were collected and Dyson’s sales were pushed to new heights.

But more importantly, we had managed to engage the users and entertain them in an innovative way.

Studio 94 revolutionized data collection for Dyson and turned it into a game. View the video by clicking here.

Want an entertaining, easy yet effective way for data collection? Talk to us at Studio 94. We’ll create your next bespoke digital marketing experience.