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How custom digital ideas totally made KSA’s National Day.

Creating beautiful software can also create a soft spot for your customers. Therefore, these days most marketing teams are looking to develop custom digital ideas to promote their brands. In fact, at Studio 94, as curators of bespoke digital marketing experiences, the bar is being pushed higher constantly.

One such occasion was when we teamed up with Ferrero for KSA’s National Day. The objective was emotionally powerful and clear. Ferrero wanted to associate people’s love for their chocolates with the love for KSA.

A lovely strategy leads to lovely custom digital ideas.

The idea was to get people of KSA to be proud and  ‘Show the Love’ for their country. And Ferrero wanted to be the platform for doing so.
Our team of technologists and marketing experts brainstormed on bringing this idea to life. We developed a unique application that would instantly showcase a person’s love for the country.

People were invited to write and create personal messages that could be seen by everyone on a giant screen installed in Jeddah, KSA. It could be texts, photos or doodles or anything they created. As the messages filled the message wall, the word spread around KSA and more people became a part of this wonderful celebration.

During National Day, our unique software did something absolutely amazing.

The software was programmed to create a mesmerizing mosaic effect of people’s messages while forming the national flag of KSA. The results were beautiful, heartfelt and awe-inspiring. Hundreds of messages flooded the giant screen. Over 600 messages formed the KSA flag in one of the most fascinating display of love for a nation. The campaign spread on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking sites like never before. The buzz was priceless.

Indeed, from one the best chocolate brands in the world, the gesture to a country couldn’t get any sweeter.

See how the people of KSA showed their love for the country on the occasion of National Day. 

If you are looking to create custom digital ideas for your brands, look no further than Studio 94.

When it comes to spotting the biggest trends or creating the next, our think tank of mechanical and software engineers as well as marketing technologists are always on their toes. Talk to us and we’ll help you develop the next buzz-worthy idea.