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How customised E-couponing can change your campaign’s fortune.

Couponing has always been a great tool for marketers. In many ways, it’s one of the easiest ways to increase footfalls. Of course, as we turn towards the digital world for everything, E-couponing has significantly grown in importance. In fact, there’s now a new game-changer: customised E-couponing.

As curators of bespoke digital marketing experiences, Studio 94 offer brands a full range of custom-crafted E-couponing solutions.

For instance, when Kiri – one of the leading cheese brands in the Middle East wanted to create awareness and push product sales they turned to our expertise.

Customised E-couponing offered Kiri every benefit traditional coupons plus a lot, lot more.

First, it’s easy. Your customers don’t need to cut out a piece of paper from the papers or save a wrapper and bring it along to redeem. Second, it’s tailor-made to suit your message and campaign. Yes, that means no generic coupons that don’t match your marketing message. Entertain your customers the way you want. Thirdly, you can collect data like never before.

Let’s take the case of Kiri, for example.

Well, who doesn’t love a bit of good luck? Keeping this in mind, at supermarkets in the UAE, we installed a digital Kiri ‘Wheel of a Fortune’ to get customers excited. Curious shoppers were given a chance to spin the wheel. You guessed it. Not only was it effective, it was also very entertaining.

Based on where the wheel stopped, they earned discounts that they could redeem in-store instantly. All they needed to do was enter their email address and a customised E-coupon would be sent instantly to them. Of course, the coupon also had a personalized marketing message with the customer’s name.

The results went beyond expectations.

​Hundreds of shoppers participated in the promotion. People queued up for their chance. As a matter of fact, in just a few moments over 500 happy customers redeemed their coupons.

The data collected as immense and can be used for other marketing promotions in the future.

Here’s a look at Studio 94 used customised E-couponing to push sales for Kiri. View the video by clicking here.

Looking for customised E-couponing to promote your brand? Talk to us.

From registration and tailor-made E-couponing applications to RFID, and much more, our in-house specialists will build robust apps to help you create and manage unrivalled brand experiences during your events. We’ll be happy to bring your ideas to life.