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Discover Studio 94 takes instant personalization to a whole new level for Sunsilk.
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How instant personalization made customers brand ambassadors.

Every year, clients are spending an increasing amount of money to market their brands. In fact, some spend millions on celebrities. On the other hand, others blow big budgets on Influencers.

What if you could connect to your audience on a more personal level?

At Studio 94, we believe instant personalization is a powerful way to reach your customer’s heart. As a matter of fact, our team of techno-marketers is always brainstorming on new software solutions to make product customization more viable.

Not surprisingly, when Sunsilk wanted to promote its line of shampoos, we jumped on the opportunity to go beyond the obvious. We wanted to create a bespoke digital marketing experience that would be a game changer for the brand.

The idea was everything. What if we could turn Sunsilk’s customers into brand ambassadors? We’re talking every customer becoming the face of the brand.

Impossible? Well, not at all.

​Our team of technologists installed a bright Sunsilk branded photo booth in malls across the UAE with a simple message:


Be a cover girl for Sunsilk. This was a chance for anyone to feature on a bottle of Sunsilk shampoo. 


Curious, potential customers were immediately attracted. All they needed to do was choose their preferred language between English or Arabic. Then, they needed pick the colour of the shampoo bottle and pose for a photo and video against a glamorous background.

​In order to receive their video with an added effect by Boomerang, customers needed to enter their email address. Additionally, they could buy a Sunsilk bottle with their image on it.

The results of were fantastic. The queues in front of the photo booth were endless. Using Live Analytics by Studio 94, Sunsilk’s brand marketing team was able to monitor and measure results in real time.

​More than 5000 Sunsilk bottles were sold in just a couple of hours. Consequently, people spread the word through social media. More importantly, the data collected was a solid base for future marketing ideas.

Watch the video to see how Studio 94, unlocked the benefits for Sunsilk.

Why pay celebrities tons of money when your customers can become your brand ambassadors.

Touch the heart of your customer. Create unique concepts. Personalize.

Want your brand to benefit from instant personalization? Talk to us at Studio 94. We’ll bring your ideas to life.