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Studio 94 introduces instant product personalization like never before to give your brand that extra advantage.
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Why Nivea chose Studio 94 for instant product personalization.

Instant product personalization done the right way can create great shopping experiences and marketing results. After all, if when done well it can give consumers an extra reason to buy your product. So when Nivea wanted to launch a new offering, it turned to Studio 94 – the region’s first-movers of bespoke digital marketing experiences.

What makes our instant product personalization so different?


We love a good challenge.

Nivea’s objective was clear: Introduce the new Nivea, connect with potential consumers and drive sales. But how do you achieve results in a market that’s cluttered with brands fighting for a voice? At Studio 94, we lapped up this challenge.

We innovate quickly.

We wanted customers to take back a box Nivea cream with their name on it. We also knew that if we innovated live and in-store, we could take Nivea to the next level of brand marketing. Accordingly, our team of techno-marketers developed a unique software application. This meant we could print directly on waterproof sticker papers and get a step closer to instant product personalization.

We execute to perfection.

Next, we took over spaces in stores all across Saudi Arabia. From Jeddah to Riyadh and Dammam. Consumers could walk in and enter their name on a screen along with their email address. An email was sent instantly to the consumer. If they liked the replica of the 3D Nivea cream box with their name on it, they could buy the real thing. Sales, data and product awareness – all rolled into one.

See how Studio 94 helped Nivea personalize products instantly. Click here.

We focus on measuring results.

Every marketing idea needs a good ROI. Thankfully, customers embraced the idea with open arms all over Saudi Arabia. In fact, in Jeddah alone, the enthusiasm was overwhelming. A record-breaking 2,500 Nivea and more cream boxes were sold in a matter of hours. In addition to pumping up product awareness, the concept also drove sales and created a priceless database of consumers for the future.

Want to know how Studio 94 can help your brand with instant product personalization? Get in touch with us now.