Studio 94 | Say hello to our live Digital Mosaic Wall.
iboothme - the leaders of photo booth technology now bring you a revolutionary Live Digital Mosaic mosaic wall, live, iboothme,
mosaic wall
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Still stuck with stickers? Say hello to our live Digital Mosaic Wall.

How typical digital wall activations work: Pose for a photo using a hashtag. Print a photo sticker. Go to a wall filled with little numbers. Find a number that matches your sticker number. Peel off the sticker and stick it into a tiny square.

How Digital Mosaic Wall from iboothme works: Pose and take a photo using a hashtag or simply use iboothme photo booth. And you’re done.

The difference is obvious clearly. No countless, complicated steps and ridiculously easy to execute and use. More importantly, the result is even more spectacular. An HD photo wall that forms instantly and in real-time. Moreover, one that breathes life into your brand idea and won’t get your budgets blown through the roof.

Here are some reasons why our Live Digital Mosaic wall is a must-have for your next brand experience.

For starters, our live Digital Mosaic Wall is a real digital wall. 
From start to finish, everything is digital. Just like the name suggests. Using an intelligent algorithm, And it creates beautiful HD mosaics that are unlike any other. Without the painful hassles that come with a “Sticker-Wall”

It’s easy on the budget and the environment. 
It’s eco-friendly and pocket-friendly too. Yes, say goodbye to costly printing inks and those sheets and sheets of sticker paper.

It exceeds your social reach expectations by miles. 
We use your campaign hashtag so you can drive your social reach to millions around the world. More importantly, it is extremely efficient in collecting data, providing live analytics and offering you a stunning ROI. Seriously, what’s not to love?

It offers maximum engagement in minimum time.
Time is important and attention spans are diminishing rapidly. It’s already hard enough to get people’s attention. Now imagine making them spend all their time going through an entire process to see their photo on a wall. Why would you want to do that when you can have a catchy, uncomplicated alternative that gets you an even better outcome? Make life easier both for you and your audience.

Check out this video to see how our Live Digital Mosaic Wall can bring your idea to life instantly, effectively and beautifully too. 

Stay away from cumbersome stickers on your next digital activation. Talk to us at iboothme and we’ll show you how. 
At iboothme, our think-tank is always ready to help you brainstorm and bring your idea to life in wonderful ways you never imagine before.