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Tchibo just proved why using bespoke apps is a must for brands.

Engaging your customers or clients at digital events can be both exciting and demanding. Every brand is different. Your strategies and concepts are different too. But is there any common solution?

Creating bespoke apps and software solutions should be a total no-brainer for your brand according to experts.

At Studio 94, as purveyors of bespoke digital marketing experiences, our belief is no different. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to encourage trial, enhance footfalls and drive sales. But is everybody doing it? Well, some brands definitely are. Take the case of leading retail store – Tchibo, for example.

In Berlin, Germany, Tchibo wanted more people to walk into their store and rapidly increase sales.

After all, it’s a time of changing economies and competition. But how do you actually excite an audience in an innovative way? How do you get them to put that foot in the door?

At Studio 94 we found an all-in-one answer.

We created a bespoke app with a unique E-couponing feature developed by our team of techno-marketers.
Firstly, we got promoters equipped with tables to stand outside Tchibo stores and interact with passer-bys with a hook. They offered a 10% discount at Tchibo as well as a chance to win a brand new Mercedes.

By entering their email address, they were able to receive an instant discount E-coupon in addition to their lucky number for the draw.

Now all they needed to do was walk into the store and find out if they were a winner. A large touchscreen with a digital scratch awaited them inside. People had to manually scratch to reveal the winning number. If it matched their own, they had won.

The event was a hit and the results spoke for themselves. If there was any doubt about the relevance of bespoke apps, it was crushed instantly. Over 4788 people participated in just a single day. More importantly, we had pushed sales and also collected invaluable customer data.

Check out the video of how our expertise in bespoke apps helped Tchibo meet their objectives. Click here.

Want bespoke apps for your brand? Talk to us at Studio 94.

We speak your language, see your vision and understand your goals. Only then, do we start developing tailor-made digital solutions. From registration and E-couponing applications to RFID, and much more, our in-house specialists will build robust apps to help you create and manage unrivalled brand experiences during your events.