Studio 94 | Live Messaging
Check out how Studio 94 created a unique application to promote live messaging for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Live Messaging, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Studio 94, bespoke digital marketing
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Why the launch of Galaxy Note 8 Live Messaging was unmissable.

Sometimes, even the biggest brands need a big push. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 had a bold and exciting feature: Live Messaging. Surprisingly, not everyone was aware of it. Until, Studio 94 stepped in. After all, when it comes to spotting the biggest trends or creating the next big one, we are always ready. So when Samsung wanted to promote its unique feature of live messages and create a buzz around it, we went all out to make it happen.

Here are 3 big reasons for the successful launch of Live Messaging:


1. Live Messaging is a unique application and it needed a unique idea.

At Studio 94, we are obsessed with innovation. Our think-tank uses agile mechanisms and mixes it with extraordinary software. We treated this project no differently. In the world of GIFs and Live Messages, creativity is everything. We knew that if you give people a chance to showcase their creativity, they will. So we developed software that would help this lovely feature promote people’s creativity on a much bigger platform.

2. People loved what they saw.

The first thing we did was to get people to get creative. We asked them to create their live messages on their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phones. Then, using our specially designed application, we telecast their creative messages onto a live GIF mosaic LED wall that also developed by us. The results were stunning. In no time, the messages flooded the giant LED screen with beautiful colours, GIFs and texts.

3. It was engaging. And hence, it was memorable.

The more people shared, the more the mosaic wall came alive. The Live Messaging was now a huge beautiful canvas that was full of possibilities. At Studio 94, we believe in memorable results and that constantly innovating is the only way forward. It’s the reason we never stop experimenting.

Watch how Studio 94 demonstrated the Live Messages feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in an exciting, new way. Click here.

Do you have a product that needs an innovative launch? Studio 94 can help you.

At Studio 94, we are always ready to listen, innovate and deliver the next big trend. In fact, no project is too big or too small for us. Some of the world’s biggest brands are approaching us to create bespoke digital marketing experiences. Will you be next?