Picturing the future

People have always loved taking pictures. And in 2011, with the rise of modern-day photo booths becoming increasingly popular at parties and events, we saw the potential for something beyond a simple picture.

iboothme was born out of the eagerness to create new photo and video experiences, combined with its potential to evolve as an approachable and highly social marketing tool – keeping both, consumers and clients, smiling from ear to ear!

It wasn’t long before we were capturing smiles in UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, and even the UK. From the classic iboothme, to iboothme HD video and Goboothme, our ever-growing list of innovations continues to take us further, one flash at a time.

Youssef Kibbe


After receiving his Masters in International Business from ISEG Paris in 2007, Youssef went on to work in the marketing industry, joining the RLT Group, focusing his efforts on bringing international brand experiences to life. His ongoing love for photography combined with his passion for product innovation finally fuelled the spark that is today known as iboothme.